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I'm going to see Cameron on Thursday!!! YAY!!! I'm so fucking excited!

Hmm...not much has been going on besides SCHOOL. It's a pain in the ass. Hopefully I won't have to go to summer school, or be in the 11th grade again next year. I have a feeling everything will work out, though. And if it doesn't...there's NO way I'm staying in high school for two more years. I'll just get my GED and go to BRCC or something, then transfer to Lafayette.

Brandy is in town and I'm gonna spend as much time with her as possible before Thursday, so if anyone wants to come to the mall (maybe movies and/or B&N and out to eat, too?) with us on Wednesday, let me know and I'll pick you up.

And please, if you have a problem with me, say it to ME, instead of expressing it to everyone on the internet. That's not going to solve anything.

Everyone should definitely wish Cameron a happy birthday today :)

I need some fucking Burt's Bees!!!


uhmm...only 33 days (counting the weekends) until school gets out!!! Then...if we (me and Cam) can find somewhere to stay...I'm going to NY!!! OMG I'm so excited! Cross your fingers that I WILL be able to go. I'm pretty sure we found someone to stay with...I just hope they follow through.

I didn't get to get my hair cut today. They canceled! I went all the way to the mall, just for them to say "oh, she [girl who was supposed to cut my hair] couldn't come in today"...wtf? I kind of had an appointment...

Anyways. WE ALL NEED TO DO SOMETHING THIS WEEKEND. We have no excuse not to! We have cars now. I mean, unless ya'll have to work or w/e. :(


Feb. 9th, 2007

So...no one has posted in here in a while. Yeah.

CAMERONS COMING HOME ON MONDAY! hehe. I'm pickin him up at the airport around 7 then we're going to his family's house for a thing. I'm so excited to see him again!

Other than that...my grades keep going up and down. I have a B in Spanish, a D in English, a C in Physics but it's about to be an F, and god knows what in Am. History. NO A's!!! It makes me feel so fucking stupid. Especially when everyone around me is all mad that they have like...an A minus when I'm happy just to pass the class. BLAH.

At least I have Cameron! Makes everything better.
Wow me and Samantha just went back and read a whole bunch of shit from a looong time ago. Like that little group thing we had, Kt's house gang or whatever. We were SO dumb but SO cool.

Blah. I dyed my hair but I can't decide if I like it or not. It's brown...very brown. My mom's going to be really mad but whatever.

UGH I have to wake up in 30 minutes...so needless to say I'm not going to sleep. It's 4:30 in the morning and I have to wake up at 5 so I can go feed my horses because I didn't have any food when I went out there today. God fucking dammit I just want to sleep in. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE having insomnia. It's not FUN or cool to have.

I miss Cameron SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Oh my god. I miss him everyday, but some days I just go crazy missing him. I want to see him RIGHT NOW, not in a few months, or even next month. Ya know? Like when you want to see someone RIGHT then and there. I just want to hold him and stuff. Not having any physical contact kills me. I just want to cuddle with him and lay with him.
What's more depressing is that when he comes home, it's only going to be for like...2 weeks or so (and I'll be in SCHOOL during those two weeks), and then we have to go back to being a long distance relationship. Ugh. Sometimes I really wish that I could enjoy being a teenager but I can't b/c...I don't know...MANY reasons. Not just this. Just...a lot of stuff. I can't stand school. Can't stand it. I made friends at Brusly but the more I get to know them, the more immature they seem to me. AH.

Whatever. The main thing is that I miss Cameron more than I could describe. So I hope someone hears from him soon. Let me know if you do!

Jan. 15th, 2007

uhm i got two horses and they're cool.

cam's coming home soon and i'm exxcited.

Gah I'm like really sick. It's annoying. I'm sooo dizzy, my ears are plugged up, my nose is stuffed up, I have about 2million lbs of pressure in my head, and I'm nauseous. BLAH! Finally got over that fever, though!

My mom keeps asking me if I'm eating. She's literally asked me about 5 times in the past 2 days. "Katie...you have to EAT something. Are you eating anything? You just look skinny as a rail."
No...it's just that I'm sick and everything tastes absolutely horrible to me. Except for things with really strong tastes like Coffee and Oreos. :)

Yeah I don't know what else to say. I don't have any interesting stories.

I can't wait until I see Cameron.

Nov. 17th, 2006

I don't feel good :(

And I can't go to sleep.
Last night, Marisa, Ben, and Ms.Anna came over. We rented movies and got ice cream at the new Wal-Mart...which is exactly like EVERY other Wal-Mart, so I don't know why everyone is so excited. Anyways, we rented Final Destination III, which was really good! I didn't like the first two very much.

Only, like, 4 months left to go...then Cameron will be home! Hopefully! God I'm soooooooo excited! But still...I wish he could be here for Christmas. Without him, Christmas seems so...pointless. I can barely get excited about it. :(
Oh well, at least I can go see him during the summer.

Brandy will be here ALL week for Thanksgiving!!! Which is next week! I'm so excited about having a whole week off.

I wish I had a life.